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Making it on your own! – The Horse Magazine profiles Allison Brock – Allison Brock was a member of the bronze medal wining U.S. Olympic dressage team at Rio. The 36-year-old upped and left home in Hawaii as a teenager and through sheer hard work, has reached the top of her sport. She might say she’s had a lot of luck and people helping her along the way, but Allison is one of those perfect examples of you make your own luck. Her focus, determination and downright obsession means perhaps she couldn’t help but succeed. I caught up with Allison in Rio the day before the final. (…)

USA Olympic Dressage, Eventing, Jumping Medalists Celebrated at Central Park –  USA Olympic medalists from dressage, eventing and jumping celebrated at New York’s Central Park Horse Show Friday night. A sold-out stadium with lit up skyscrapers as a backdrop paid tribute to the Americans. The USA and Germany were the only two nations at Rio de Janeiro last month to earn medals in all three disciplines.
In dressage the entire team of Steffen Peters, Laura Graves, Allison Brock and Kasey Perry-Glass that won team bronze – the first dressage medal for America since the 2004 Olympics – plus leader Robert Dover appeared for the celebration.

Laura Graves & Verdades No. 4 in World, Top Pair for USA with Entire Olympic Team in Top – Laura Graves and Verdades have jumped to No. 4 in the world with Steffen Peters and Legolas in sixth place behind three German Olympic gold medal team combinations, the highest ranking ever for the American Grand Prix champion. The entire United States bronze medal team ranked in the top 30 in the world, surpassed only by Germany with its four team pairs in the top 15.

Kasey Perry-Glass on Dublet climbed to No. 20 from 23rd a month earlier and Allison Brock on Rosevelt to No. 29 from 37th, the highest placings for the other two rider and horse combinations that won the bronze at Rio de Janeiro for the first U.S. Olympic dressage medal since 2004.


Pro Groom Kerri – OLYMPICS 2016 in RIO!!! – Kerri Coufal is a Pro Equine Groom who worked with Allison and Rosevelt during the journey to the Rio Olympics.

It’s taken me awhile to get back into my routine here in the States but I finally found time to write this blog! I’ve been asked millions of questions and I can hopefully set the record straight (starting with the odds of me having Zika are pretty slim because I did not see many bugs, besides the giant ants who were stealing grain and shaking the leaves off trees but that’s a different story Holly and I are fascinated with). The team came home with a BRONZE MEDAL and many personal best rides! Read More…

For the rest of Kerri’s updates, check out Kerri’s Road to Rio!

World Equestrian Brands Sponsored Rider, Allison Brock, Helps USA to Team Bronze at Rio Olympic Games

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (August 26, 2016) — World Equestrian Brands’ sponsored athlete Allison Brock and her longtime equine partner Rosevelt, owned by Fritz and Claudine Kundrun, recently returned from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, where they helped the United States Olympic Dressage Team step onto the podium to receive Bronze team medals.

Kailua Woman Wins Olympic Medal in Equestrian Event – HONOLULU – Kailua’s Allison Brock, along with her three teammates, took the bronze medal in the equestrian dressage at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.

“We were just happy to medal because it’s been 12 years since the U.S. has had a team medal, so we were super excited to be on the podium for that.  It was very emotional for all of us,” said Brock. Read More…

Pony Club Alumni contest Rio!

The Pony Club Pizza – Traditionally when you think of Pony Club Alumni who go on to become Olympians you think of the sport of Eventing. While, that may still be true, many Dressage Olympians also have a history of beginning with Pony Club. The 2016 US Dressage Olympic Team has two athletes (Kasey Perry-Glass and Allison Brock), Chef d’Equipe (Robert Dover), a groom (Holly Gorman- sister of Kasey Perry-Glass) and Team Leader (Hallye Griffin) who all started their equestrian career with Pony Club. The following are some interesting insights from former members,Kasey Perry-Glass and Allison Brock as well a what they are most looking forward to at the 2016 Rio Olympics. Read More…

USA’s Olympic Bronze Total Team Effort – RIO DE JANEIRO, Aug. 14, 2016–The United States return to the Olympic dressage medals podium to collect a bronze for the first time since 2004 was the ultimate in team efforts by three rookies and one veteran of the world’s biggest stage.

The scores of the four American riders and horses were the highest ever for the United States over two days of Grand Prix and the medal-deciding Grand Prix Special in a remarkable display of different combinations delivering results when needed at critical times in case their team mates faltered. Read More…